Protect our blue backyard

We’ve got stunning national parks on land all around our harbour and coastline but we have none in the sea. We have thriving marine parks to our north and south but none around Sydney where we need them most.

We need a Sydney Marine Park to protect our coastal home and marine life.  

Right now, we have an opportunity to protect our incredible coasts and oceans. The NSW Government is poised to make a decision on how to manage our seas from Newcastle to Wollongong. This is our chance to get it right.

A science-based multi-use marine park for the Sydney region will secure a healthy blue backyard for our boating, swimming, surfing, and fishing lifestyles.

The marine parks around Jervis Bay, Port Stephens and Cape Byron are highly valued destinations for all types of ocean users with flourishing tourism and recreational fishing opportunities.

Sydneysiders also deserve a marine park to safeguard our marine life and coastal lifestyle and get serious about protecting what we love.